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Summer School @ HsH 2017

05th August to 19th August 2017

The Department of Business Information Systems of Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts will be hosting a Summer School on Business Intelligence & Data Mining.

Students will understand Business Intelligence (BI) and closely related areas such as Data Warehousing (DWH) and Data Mining (DM) as an integrated approach. It allows cross-departmental decision support based on analytical applications and on an appropriate preparation and presentation of information. They learn to know relevant BI applications (reporting, dashboards, OLAP and data mining) and can apply technical knowledge, tools for analysis and best practices in business scenarios around Corporate Performance Management.

Click here for the detailed course description of Business Intelligence & Data Mining.   

The two-week-programme is composed of lectures with practical case study exercises, group work, an intercultural workshop and company visits (e.g. at one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles as well as a manufacturing plant applying industrial internet technologies).

Hochschule Hannover grants 6 ECTS points for the programme.

Undergraduate students studying Business Information Systems, Management Systems, Computer Science or related areas are very welcome to join the summer school. Applicants should have passed the first phase of studies.

In addition to the academic programme there will be a large offer of leisure activities such as a sightseeing trip to the capital Berlin which includes a visit of the Reichstag and the Wall Museum. There will also be a chance to get to know Hannover and its surroundings and much more.

Click here for the flyer with further information on the summer school.

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