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English web page of the department of computer science

Besides this page, some general information about our university is available. Information about the department of economics will follow soon.

If you have any questions about the department of computer science which are not answered on this page, you may turn to our International Coordinator, Volker Ahlers.

Department of Computer Science

The department currently consists of 14 professors, 13 scientific and technical staff (research assistants, teaching assistants, technical staff), and 2 administrative staff. The following list of the professors (in alphabetic order) and their respective areas of work gives an impression of the thematic scope of research and teaching in the department:

Study programs

The department offers a bachelor program and a master program in "Applied Computer Science". As of summer 2010, about 250 students are enrolled in the bachelor program, and about 50 are enrolled in the master program. The courses in the bachelor program are in German. The courses in the master program are partly in German and partly in English; on request most courses can be offered in English. The joint course catalogue of the bachelor and master programs is available in English.

There is an updated version of the course catalog of the bachelor program

and for the master program

Bachelor program

Our bachelor program "Applied Computer Science" offers a computer science education that is closely oriented towards the needs of professional practice. Comprising three years, it aims at a thorough knowledge in the core areas of computer science. The bachelor degree qualifies for entering the job market as an academically educated information technology professional. Issues covered include the following:

  • Software engineering and information systems
  • Operating systems and computer networks
  • Computer graphics and applications in technology

The bachelor program is application-oriented on a sound scientific basis, optimally preparing students for a successful career in information technology. The program's content is predominantly software-oriented. Since computer science affects so many areas of technology, the choice of courses in applied computer science is not specific for any particular industry. The bachelor program enables its graduates to autonomously and economically implement the concepts and methods of computer science in the following areas:

  • Administration of computer systems, operating system and network security, system and network management, parallel processing
  • Network reference models, passive and active components, protocols
  • Organisation and analysis of large data sets, transactions, synchronisation, O/R mapping, persistence frameworks, application server
  • Internet technologies, eCommerce systems, XML technologies, software agents, semantic web, graphical information systems
  • Methods of software engineering for the development of large software systems, software architecture, design patterns, distributed system, middleware
  • Special issues of software technology like project management, quality assurance, user interfaces and software ergonomics
  • Methods and applications of computer graphics, animation and image processing

Master program

Our master program "Applied Computer Science" enables its graduates to apply scientific methods and results to difficult and complex problems of professional practice as well as research. The master program qualifies in particular for the following tasks:

  • Leading positions in information technology
  • Computer science research
  • Ph.D. programs of research universities
  • The highest level of German public service ("höherer Dienst")

The master program is a consecutive continuation of the bachelor program. Accordingly, the program concentrates on courses that deepen the theoretic and application-oriented knowledge in computer science. The program pursues two goals: specialization and regional connections. Specialization is fostered by offering two options for emphasis with a proven job market demand.
For individual specialization, students can choose one of two trend-setting options of emphasis in their studies: "Graphics and Visualization" or "Secure Information Systems". Numerous positive statements from regional and national enterprises stress the high potential of qualified positions for both options – in the region of Hanover as well as nation-wide

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