Brief overview

  • Degree

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Start of studies

    Winter semester

  • Form of study


  • Admissions procedure

    Selection procedure / aptitude test

  • Field of interest
  • Focal Themes

    Die Schwerpunkte des Studiums liegen in den Bereichen Unternehmensführung, -gründung, -nachfolge. Es wird betriebswirtschaftliches Fachwissen vermittelt und die personenbezogenen Kompetenzen werden ausgebaut.

  • Pre-study internship

    einjährige, einschlägige Berufserfahrung

Dennis Siebert
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Course focus points and specialisations

  • Focus point

    The course focuses on the areas of company management, succession and founding. Business administration knowledge is imparted and personal skills are developed.

Objectives of the course

Objectives of the course

Upon successful completion of the course, students will acquire the following qualifications:

  • They will be able to select and successfully use the instruments of business administration of medium-sized companies in a planned manner,
  • They will the current state of research in important areas of company management and will have the ability to apply knowledge at a scientific level,
  • They will be able to systematically acquire necessary operational and market-related information,
  • They will be able to successfully manage complex business decision-making situations using the relevant instruments,
  • They will acquire the ability to reflect on their own entrepreneurial personality,
  • They will be able to recognise and develop entrepreneurial opportunities,
  • They will be able to meaningfully combine and apply the professional knowledge with their own entrepreneurial personality,
  • They would have developed their social skills,
  • They will be able to adapt to economic changes,
  • They will be able to communicate conclusions clearly and unambiguously to both experts and lay people,
  • They will be able to act in an economically and socially responsible way based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience (promotion of civil society engagement),
  • They will also be able to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills in multidisciplinary contexts.

Target group

STEM graduates as well as humanities and social science graduates with at least one year of relevant professional experience.

Why study for an MBA?

The MBA imparts business knowledge and personal skills that round off technical, scientific or humanities and social science courses. Our graduates advance in management, found their own company or take over an existing (family) business.

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