Digital Transformation (MDT)

Consecutive Master's course to Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems

Information technology already plays a central role for companies today. Due to the digital transformation, technology and the resulting opportunities are currently undergoing major changes. This poses great challenges for companies, but at the same time offers new opportunities for new business models, products and more efficient value creation. The core of the Master's course in Digital Transformation deals with the effects of digitalisation on value creation in organisations as well as on society. Upon successful completion, the course enables graduates to constructively and purposefully shape the digital transformation in companies.

Brief overview

  • Degree

    Master of Science (MSc)

  • Start of studies

    Summer and winter semester

  • Subject group
  • Form of study


  • Admissions procedure

    local limited-access

  • Focal Themes

    Digitale Unternehmenstransformation,

  • Pre-study internship

    nicht erforderlich

Objectives of the course

As a Master's course in the field of business information systems, it enables graduates to actively shape the digital transformation in companies in leading positions. For this purpose, the course imparts the necessary knowledge about current and future technologies with the aim of recognising and mastering challenges that arise through the use of new information technologies. Students also learn to recognise the potential of new technologies for value creation in companies and to derive new products or services from them or to optimise existing value chains.

The Master's course also deepens scientific work and qualifies students for doctoral studies.

Focus points of the course

  • Digital Business Transformation

    In the Digital Business Transformation specialisation, the focus is on new products, services and business models.

  • Information technologies

    The Information Technologies specialisation focuses on challenges and approaches for the safe operation and development of intelligent and networked IT systems.

Admission prerequisites

The Master's course in "Digital Transformation" is a consecutive Master's course. This means that a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems or a closely related subject such as

  • Industrial Engineering
  • BWL with specialisation in IT/Computer science
  • Computer science with knowledge of BWL

is the prerequisite.

In the Master's degree, sound knowledge from the Business Information Systems degree is required. Applicants must therefore demonstrate competences in the areas of business administration, computer science and business information systems (54 ECTS in total) from their Bachelor's degree. Details are regulated in the admission regulations for the degree course.

Would you like to learn more?

Have we aroused your interest? Details on the structure of the course or the admission procedure, including the admission requirements, can be found on the course's additional pages.