International Business Studies (IBS)

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The increasing globalisation of the production and consumption of goods and services presents opportunities as well as challenges for the economy, society and nature.

Against the backdrop of this field of tension and excitement, the double Bachelor's degree programme in IBS prepares students to successfully meet the requirements of sustainable management in an international environment.

Brief overview

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Science (BSc)

  • Start of studies

    Winter semester

  • Subject group
    Wirtschaft, Betriebswirtschaft
  • Form of study


  • Admissions procedure

    Selection procedure / aptitude test

  • Field of interest
  • Focal Themes

    2 Praxissemester, 2 Auslandssemester, International Management + 2. Vertiefung nach Wahl

  • Pre-study internship

    nicht erforderlich


Course contents, target group and course structure

  • Course contents

    The contents of the International Business Studies (IBS) course covers three subject areas:

    The core of the course are the classical subject areas of business administration, which are supplemented by international aspects during the course.

    The second area includes associated subjects such as statistics, mathematics and project management.

    Intercultural and linguistic competences represent the third subject area of the course.

  • Target group

    The International Business Studies (IBS) course is aimed at future specialists and managers in internationally operating companies in a demanding and varied working environment.

    Applicants should have a good command over English, above-average motivation and a willingness to perform. Prospective students should enjoy analysing complex problems and have an understanding of economic contexts. Curiosity and the desire to gain intercultural experience far away from familiar surroundings are also good prerequisites for future IBS students.

  • 1st part of course

    In the first part of the course, which ist taught in German, students acquire basic knowledge that is necessary for working in a company. In addition, there is linguistic and cultural preparation for the two semesters abroad.

  • 2nd part of course

    The second part of the course begins with a practical phase. This is followed by two semesters abroad at one of the five partner universities in Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Spain or China. Back in Hanover, one course semester with an intensive focus on international content follows before the degree course is completed with another practical phase.

    Successful graduates receive a degree from the Hochschule Hannover (Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and a degree from their respective partner university.

  • Practical phases

    You can apply for internships in the commercial field at almost any organisation - ideally it should be an internationally operating organisation. Our current IBS students have internships in and around Hanover, Germany and also abroad (e.g. the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Japan or China).

  • Degrees

    After eight semesters, graduates receive a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in International Business Studies. International Business Studies, which entitles them to pursue a more in-depth Master's programme at home or abroad.

    In addition, degrees are awarded from the respective partner university attended:

    • Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business (SETU, Ireland)
    • BA International Business Management (RGU, Great Britain)
    • Bachelor of Business Administration (IB) (SeAMK, Finland)
    • Bachelor of Arts, International Economics and Trade (ZUST, China)
    • BA Business Administration and Management / BA Marketing (ESIC, Spain)


Objectives and perspectives of the course

  • Objectives of the course

    The aim of the degree course is to offer a sound international business administration education and to prepare students for an international professional field with a view to the current requirements of the labour market. Students should also be able to acquire a double degree.

    The modular content of the eight-semester International Business Studies (IBS) course is practically oriented towards the needs of international companies. In addition, the two practical phases integrated into the course enable students to classify and apply the theoretical content in terms of its relevance to professional practice.

    English is an integral part of the training. Business English is initially offered as an independent module in the first part of the course and later becomes the sole language of instruction. In addition to pure language skills, students acquire communicative and intercultural competences, especially through the compulsory stay in Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Spain or China.

  • Perspectives

    Against the backdrop of an increasingly globalised economy, internationally active companies and employees face new challenges every day. The importance of well-trained managers is ever increasing to meet such growing demands. A sound linguistic education, understanding of cross-border economic contexts and sensitivity to cultural differences open up excellent future prospects for graduates in a demanding field of activity.

    IBS graduates deepen their passions and interests (further) developed during their studies in exciting Master's programmes at home and abroad or start directly into professional life. The spectrum of fields of employment could not be wider: From international corporations to medium-sized family businesses to your own start-up or working in a non-profit organisation, everything is possible.

Further Information

Partner universities

The degree course in International Business Studies (IBS) is currently offered in cooperation with five overseas partner universities. Students decide at the time of application which partner university they would like to study at for one year.

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