ICM 2023 – Falling in love with 73 participants from 16 different nations

What a special ICM! Corona finally overcome, incoming students of all faculties were keen on joining our IBS and BBA students in the traditional intercultural management training.

More participants than ever before spent one week together in the Eichsfelder Hütte in St. Andreasberg (Harz). The international line-up was sensational: 7 lecturers including assistant from our HsH, Saxion University Deventer/NL and the University of Sunderland/GB as well as 66 students from China, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and the USA, including our delegations from Saxion/NL and – for the first time ever - from Sunderland/UK.


The week was packed with group work and intercultural learning challenges including a taxing and creative 24-hours-group-assignment. Personality differences based on the Five Factor Model, the famous Hofstede framework for distinguishing cultures as well as Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner’s Dilemma Framework are only the most important topics that were explained, discussed and practically applied. The “coffee monument” designed by some students is living proof of the related efforts. However, there was also plenty of fun: The very entertaining international evening with food and a lot of dancing (to be expected, when there are Spanish people involved). The German evening with cheerful “Oktoberfest” feeling, posing also a very difficult waste sorting (recycling) challenge. The heart-warming evening of our Sunderland delegation covering North-East-England and the most famous song of their favourite football team, that had everybody singing along. On the last day, after discussing the lecturer’s feedback for the assignments, the whole group assembled for the special event. A guided tour through the Grube Samson and its mining UNESCO world cultural heritage was enhanced by a wonderful dinner at the Hausberg restaurant. For many, it was hard to decide what was more spectacular: Dinner or the chairlift, which brought the group up and downhill. The final feedback round saw some very interesting headlines covering the ICM week. One summed it up perfectly “Exciting trip with intercultural masterminds – 120 hours of non-stop creativity”. We are already looking forward to ICM 2024! A big THANK YOU to the HsH that highly sponsored this ICM week, and to all lecturers: Prof. Dr. Patricia Adam, Prof. Dr. Henning Austmann, Maria Andrade Martins and Lisa Kersten from the HsH, Drs. Margriet de Vos from Saxion University/Deventer (NL) as well as Joanne Rush, PhD and Dr Kym Drady from the University of Sunderland/UK.